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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Chapter 8: XF200 Performance Modifications Revised

I have to correct some information previously written about here in the Qlink XF200 blog. I was at the dealer getting my 1000 mile service and was given a lot of good information. First off the 135 jet was too much. The spark plug was grey and if not resolved will burn up the engine. So I will be swapping that out for a smaller size. I did take off the air box lid to get the carb more air but I was told that hurts engine performance as the back pressure is reduced too much. I was advised to put it back on and drill some holes in it instead so that is what I did. Drilled 2 holes in the cover. Will advise if more are needed in the future.

Now for some really, really good news. My dealership, JP Motorsports is working with me to get the Qlink XF200 tuned to optimal performance. They have ordered some pipes to test on the Qlink XF200. That was last week. I am hoping to have a new pipe and correct jetting on the motorcycle next week. Luckily Smitty (the salesman), rides his everyday to work and we are both very interested in the Qlink XF200 being tuned for the highway.

I have swapped out the front sprocket to a 428 16 tooth sprocket. It requires some machining as there are no known 16 tooth front sprockets that will just slip on. Evidently there is a lip on the DRZ200 16 tooth front sprocket that needs to be removed for it to fit on the Qlink XF200 spindle. But there you have it. A front sprocket that werks.

I now can cruise at 80 mph with just that modification alone! The rpms are at 8000 now at 80 mph so at 70 mph are down to about 7300 or so. It did take me a little while to figure out how to ride it after the sprocket swap as It did loose power. I was having trouble getting up to 70 mph until I modified my riding style by just winding up the engine a little more before shifting gears. I was going to go to a 17 tooth sprocket but it won’t fit in the area around the spindle unfortunately. As it turns out I believe any further sprocket mods would be too much power loss although I am considering going to a 45/44 tooth rear. Don't need to right this moment though.

Now it should be pointed out that 80 mph is not achieved sitting straight up. I have to crouch down to reduce wind resistance. I have ridden in some windy conditions and the XF200 is very stable. I know that some people were concerned about that with it being so light and all. I believe the tires have a lot to do with that as enduro tires are thinner among other things.


squire said...

Nice blog, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

yes i agree Smitty is really good with his mods for the xf200 spoke to him when i purchased a 16 teeth sprocket from JP Motorsports.